Rain or Shine: The Ceremony Will Go On

One thing that cannot be controlled on your wedding day is the weather. I am always asked, “What if it rains?”, and I have found that even though we cannot decide what Mother Nature will bring on your wedding day, There are ways to cope and make your wedding a wonderful experience.

Here are just a few tips that I have found for a successful wedding on a rainy day:

1.Pick a venue with a contingency plan for rain. If rain is a worry, take away that stress by picking a venue that has a space in case of rain. At Happily Ever After At The Barn, for instance, we can simply move the ceremony inside the barn and you can be married in front of our fireplace. Knowing in advance of a venue’s “in case of rain” plans will make you feel more assured on your big day that you can handle what Mother Nature decides.

2. Make sure your photographer and videographer have experience working in different weather conditions. Asking the professionals that are working your wedding their experience and being reassured of that experience will calm your nerves about possible rain on the wedding day.

3. Consider making a fashion statement. If you have checked the weather for your wedding day, and it is definitely going to rain, consider adding rain boots to your fashion choices. They come in all different colors and patterns and can make for a great photo to remember the day!

4. Have umbrellas available. Umbrellas can keep you dry from outside to indoors, and also make for a great photo opportunity of a day you will never forget! The clear umbrellas also work well in photographs because they are less obstructive. This is actually another feature provided by The Barn in case of rain.

5. Have fun anyway and do not worry about something you cannot control. Remember that rain is actually considered good luck on your wedding day! You will have memorable photos and a unique experience to share with each other. Take a breath and enjoy your wedding day…rain or shine!