The best memories from a wedding are the photographs you will have for a lifetime to look back and remember the day like it was yesterday. When you see these photographs, you want them to bring you back to the romance, the love, and the fun that was your wedding day! At The Barn, we have 6 acres of land and beautiful places to have photographs taken. Here are a few of the best poses to make sure you have your photographer take for you:

1. A gorgeous bride photo in the dress. This will take you back to the feeling of being a princess or queen on a day that was centered around the two of you.

Bride in Wedding Gown

2. The Groom’s face when he sees the Bride. It is a photo that you will always remember the love he felt and how beautiful he thought you were.

When The Groom Sees His Bride

3. The close up of the couple in love. Is there anything better than seeing two people so in love on their wedding day!

Couple in Love on Their Wedding Day

4. The Dance. Seeing the love and laughter of the first dance will bring back the closeness you two share.

The First Dance

5. The Send Off. Exiting the wedding is always such a fun and memorable experience. It is like the first step from the wedding into married life.

Sparkler Send Off

6. Something silly. Remember that even with the stress of getting ready for that special day, you did have fun!