With our Vendor Open House just a few days away, a great topic to discuss is the wedding vendors that all come together to make your wedding day the best it can be! Your wedding vendors can be such a relief to have, and can take the burden of stressing over the details off your shoulders. There are so many vendors that can help with your wedding; the possibilities are endless. Here is a list of some of the wedding vendors that are essential to making that day great:

1. Wedding Planner/Coordinator. This decision is an essential first step in the wedding planning process. This is the person that will help you with every detail of the wedding, get you in touch with the best vendors in the area, and will be there with you through it all from planning to directing the wedding day for you. This person will handle all the stresses of the day for you and you can just enjoy getting married!

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2. Florist. Even though our venue does offer a package with silk flower d├ęcor included, a live bouquet for the bride and a live boutonniere for the groom are so lovely! They can help with those small details to your covering your entire wedding in live flowers.

3. DJ/Live Band. Music is very important from the ceremony through the reception, and having a great DJ or live band can set the tone for your wedding. Using a professional guarantee that the ceremony will be as sentimental as you would like and the reception is fun with everyone dancing the night away.

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4. Caterer/Bartender. The best decision you can make is letting a professional worry about the food for you. The caterers have packages where they provide every detail: food, drinks, utensils, and service of the food. There are so many different types of restaurants that cater, you have the option of anything you want. The bartenders, if you want alcohol at the wedding, can even make signature drinks for your occasion.

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5. Baker. While on the topic of food, we cannot forget the cake! Not only can your baker make the wedding cake, but many also provide options for many different desserts as well. Cupcakes are so popular right now, but there are also cookies, small pies, and bundt cakes

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6. Photographer/Videographer. Having a professional photographer/videographer is such a relief that the memories you are making will be captured in a beautiful way. They know lighting, composition, and can find the best spots at a venue for the perfect picture.

Wedding Photograph at Happily Ever After At The Barn

7. Hair/Make-up. Getting ready for the wedding can be very stressful for a bride. A professional hair and make-up artist can consult with you for what you are wanting for your wedding, and take that burden and worry away for the big day.

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